Flowers of Darkness

“Shades of Light” – yamabuki
‘What the fates decree
Even the gods must obey’
– maitreya bodhisattva 

Necessity is wedded to Time
Ananke and Khronos
Weaving our fates
Rolling our lives
Into coils of Razor wire 

Yet I choose to see it differently
I see three sisters
Older than time
Tired of their endless days
They shut their eyes tightly 

Their sighs long for surcease
Yet we show them our lives
That repeat so endlessly
Continuous spirals of continuity
That drive the Fates to madness 

They turn their vision to the sun
Our lives spin heedlessly on
Eggshell lives of light and yolk
Breaking endlessly to slivers
Shivers of shadowy compulsion 

No need to compel obedience
We follow our downward path
As if our lives depended on it
We know the destination sure
In the river of our scarred lives 

Yet these words too are lies
Seeking to trap and ensnare
I too look at the sun
Its’ brightness burns with truth
More painful than darkness 

Yet I cannot look away
For ensnared by this vision
I am surely lost
To the shades of darkness
That would claim my soul 

Sept 2011 

This poem inspired by
By Marousia

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