Yokai Art Project

What you see here
Is an art project
Created not by aliens,
But by a Yokai

Yokai are spirit creatures
Some are shape shifters
Like:Tanuki (raccoon dog)
Kitsune (foxes)
Hebi (snakes)
Mujina (badgers)
Bakeneko (cats)
Ōkami (wolves)
Tsuchigumo and jorōgumo (spiders)
Inugami (dogs)
Some are Oni
Ogre like beings
Some are objects
Old discarded things
That become sentient
like: Bakezouri (straw sandals)
Biwa-bokuboku ( a lute)
Bura-bura (A paper lantern)
Karakasa (old umbrellas)
Kameosa (old sake jars)
Morinji-no-kama (tea kettles)
Mokmoku Ren (Paper screens, with eyes)
Some are human
like:Rokuro-kubi (humans 
able to elongate their necks 
during the night)
Ohaguro-bettari (a figure, 
usually female, that turns 
to reveal a face 
with only a blackened mouth)
Futakuchi-onna (a woman 
with a voracious 
extra mouth on the back of her head)
Dorotabō (the risen corpse 
of a farmer, who haunts his abused land)
And some are just strange
Like: Azuki Arai (a yokai 
who is always found washing azuki beans).
Akaname (only found 
in dirty bathrooms and spends its time 
licking the filth left by the untidy owners).
Ashiarai Yashiki (A gargantuan foot 
that appears in rooms and demands 
the terrified home owner washes it)
Tofu Kozo (a small monk 
who carries a plate with a block of tofu).

Sept 2011

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