Cast in Blue

Cosmic Egg – Maco Nishida

‘The world around us
is very mysterious, ” he said.
“It doesn’t yield its secrets easily’
– Carlos Castaneda

I prefer them all in blue
Against a shadowy background
Do you hear them whispering too
Speaking their foggy shades
Against the night’s dodgy dreams

And what have they become
These mind’s eye mosquitoes
What meaning do they carry
What colors have they shed
What says the Delphic muse so sly

Speak up you say
Roll them around your tongue
Out and out they arrive
Limber of limb outspoken
spewed from a dead man’s eyes

For I trust them not
That demon spawn that snares our cries
Gathering jealous books
They speak of truth in lies
Tattering cities in their wicked pride

I Trust not their bloody muse
With her lustful eyes of sin
She twists and scampers freely
Reading my blood and veins
And would steal my broken sighs

I’ve been over this bridge before
Seen Lethe’s water passing by
Many times these words have been spoken
So many times have they arrived
As we lonely walked the path of graves

August 2011


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