Blood Secrets (revisited)

“Stir it up” – by Hazel Dooney @DooneyStudio

“If you place a fern
under a stone
the next day it will be
nearly invisible
as if the stone has 
swallowed it.”
— Naomi Shihab Nye
“Some people do. They sleep completely,
waking refreshed. Others live in two worlds,
the lost and remembered.
They sleep twice, once for the one who is gone,
once for themselves. They dream thickly,
dream double, they wake from a dream
into another one, they walk the short streets
calling out names, and then they answer.”
— Naomi Shihab Nye 
Sighs and whispers drenched in blood
Wandering endlessly dusk to dawn
And like Vladimir and Estragon
Awaiting their final redemption
They hang upon their Woden cross
Yellow fog and red lipped poppies
Drenching us in a rain of sighs
Their blood entering our veins
In the needled thorns of their lies
Looking endlessly for peace
Do you long for peaceful sleep
That absence of malice and violence
Would you banish devils and demons
Back to their misbegotten hells
That we may live in endless light
But blood and sighs will not allow this
Tears and terrors live in our dreams
Pumping our heart and feeding our mind
Defining our chosen path 
Through the mountains of cold and ice
What of the past that whispers
Such winds blow our words away
Where have they gone
Must we always start anew
Will dead voices never cease
Where is the division that speaks
Though all words divide meaning
Splitting the Is from Isn’t
Why are we not deafened
By the thunder of such assertions
Take eggs as an example
A life straining to appear
Or giving life to another
We who would eat them wonder
Is the unhatched unworthy of life
I have in my mind a murder
Perhaps real, perhaps imagined
A beautiful loving action it’s true
But a murder none the less
How do we judge such a thing
If this were a murder in a dream
Would it be any less real
Than a murder in a movie
Our soul has still been witness
To the reality of death’s call
Our mind in its rationality says no,
Your eyes have been deceived,
Your heart has been fooled,
No one has died in that vision.
Why then don’t I accept such ‘truth’
In a novel I’ve been reading,
A mother dies of starvation
Giving what little food she had
To keep her grandson alive.
Do these words touch your heart too?
I’ve been told that even in games
When we ‘kill’ on screen avatars,
Computer generated characters,
We are creating violent energy
That effects the whole of reality
Do you know of Indra’s net
The interconnection of all beings?
It sounds so impossible to our mind
That a butterfly moving its wings in Brazil
Could cause a Typhoon in Hong Kong
Maitreya received an invitation
To visit Quan Yin Bodhisattva
In the heaven realms
Upon arrival at Quan Yin’s pavilion
Overlooking a placid lake
Full of fish, ducks and lotus blossoms
Maiteya bowed deeply to Quan Yin
She served him small cakes and tea
And they sat quietly for a short time
Then Quan Yin spoke thusly
“The old gods and goddesses
The saints and angels of the past
All have departed from the human world”
“Yes, this is so” said he
“I dreamed of this not long ago”
“Soon your time will arrive
And your star will ascend.
Would you have my blessing?” she asked
“I would have you with me
For compassion is needed
Now more than ever
In the realm of humans”
“Truly spoken are your words,
But my time on earth is over for now.
The twilight of the gods is real
The wheel has turned.
Another spoke has ascended
And I have left the earth.”
Maitreya said nothing for a while
Thinking on Quan Yin’s words
Feeling with his heart
The flow of blood and time
And Quan Yin spoke further
“You are to arrive alone
In the human realm.
Yet my hands and eyes,
That live on in those who follow me,
Will help you as they are able”
Maitreya watched the ducks
Speaking nothing for a while
Then reached into his robe.
He brought out a begging bowl
And set it on the ground before her
“I saw the Buddha in a cage
And offered him my cell phone
That he might call his followers
To come and help him
He and the cage disappeared
leaving this begging bowl
Which I now gift to you.”
Quan Yin asked quietly
“Is there any hope for the future?”
Maitreya smiled sadly
And shook his head slowly
“The future, which is my time,
remains a mystery.
But do not forget,
The human realm
Has always been violent
And thus doubly rewarding.”
“Watch for me in the storms
Watch for me in the earthquakes
Watch for me in the fires
Watch for me in the floods.
When least expected
I will be there
Without fail”
April 2011


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