Taoist Tango

Shadows – yamabuki

1. China

Do we always need to remember Tiananmen
Do we always need to remember Mao
Do we always need to remember Sun YatSen
Do we always need to remember History

ll. Curses, Histories, Memories

What are these to you or me
In the greater scheme of things
The Lower Depths of darkness
Lie beneath Graves of memory
China is not unique there
Yet China is uniquely old
5000 years or more of Tea
Dancing a Taoist Tango

Ill. China Pop

Would have us remember
But he seems to me 
Much like Warhol
A proponent of Pop Culture
I have trouble taking either too seriously
I much prefer Chen YiFei
That take us deeper into life
Still China is large
Big enough to hold many views

IIIl. New lamps for old

They have said
What that means 
Is difficult to say
But Like an old god
It must die first
Before being reborn anew
As a young god
With the end of History
All stories already have been told
All we can do is repeat the past
A deck of cards can only be
Shuffled in so many combinations
Perhaps we need forgetfulness too
A time to remember
A time to forget

History paints us into a corner
Where we can only rinse and repeat
Be they lies or truths
It’s still the same story
Told over and over again
Can we never forget History? 

V. A Chinese Curse
The Curse is said to be
That we are living 
In interesting times
But if that is so
Then we are all cursed
All times are interesting times
But do we always
Need to remember 

Aug 2011

A different version
Was written in response to 
An Editorial in AsianCha

This poem is also a 
Font experiment
I am using a new font
Which is supposed to be
Easier to read
Due to the spacing
and strengthening 
Of the font 
Along the bottom


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