Smoky Dreams

“Light and Dark pass through” 
– yamabuk
purple stamens
stems of wire
prickly leaves”
– Chris Galvin
“I know ’tis but a Dream,
yet feel more anguish
Than if ’twere Truth.
It has been often so:
Must I die under it?
Is no one near?
Will no one hear
these stifled groans
and wake me?”
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Opium haze
Coleridge eyes
Dim lit halls
shadowy cries
Poppy dreams
poetic lies
Milky sap
Daylight dies
Beauty lives
Danger calls
Full moon visions
Dark rain falls
Poppies live
People die
Earth abides
Cold winds sigh
The dark side of the poppy
Opium, Heroin, Morphine
Addiction and stupor
These were often used
By Medical science
To treat hysteria
Mostly in women
To keep them silent
And under men’s control
For as I am wont to say
The brighter the light
The darker the shadow
May 2011

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