Who Owns the Poetry of Clouds

‘Who Owns the Night?’ – yamabuki
“Uncertainty and Necessity
That compelling duet
Resonate endlessly
Between light and darkness
Until we make our choices”
— The Oracle 
Who owns the waves on the Ocean
Who owns the dreams of the dead
Or of the restless bodies
In sleep’s embrace
Who owns the stars
Or the emptiness of nothing
Or the poetry of clouds
That brings us rain
Who owns the oldest poetry
The Odyssey
The Ramayana
The Chinese Shi Jing
Who owns them
Or any other poetry
However old or new
To say I own a poem
Seems to me purest arrogance
And insulting to the Muses

So it is that I choose
Choose to make changes
I change the poems I have written
Though they are not mine
I change other poems as well
Nor are they mine either
For poems belong to no one
Yet I change them at the muses call
Not because they need to change
But because of an inner feeling
From that place within
Where dreams arise
Where day turns to night
Where uncertainty reigns
Where the muses softly speak
And I must of necessity write their words
March 2011

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