Could you live with uncertainty?

‘Uncertainty’ – yamabuki
“Could you live with uncertainty, moving shapes and shadows, morning , noon and night, my friend? The Mountains have become the only certain thing in my life. When they disappear, I die.”
“To solve a case you have to put the wind in a jar. For me, life consists of badly limited possibilities, but I know the parts are endlessly rearranged, always shifting, always changing. Nobody puts their foot twice in the same place.”
“I once heard a Westerner say ‘What you see is what you get.’  We laughed for days about that at the office. Nothing is like that. Nobody is like that. But it’s what you people want to believe. Straightforward, direct…It doesn’t exist, not for me.”
“People think instincts should be sharp, they should fly like arrows. I don’t believe that. I think instincts should wander and meander, like streams coming down the mountain. An arrow can miss the target. A stream always knows where it is going, eventually.”
From “A Corpse in the Koryo”
by James Church
I’ve been reading recently
From James Church’s books
His inspector O is a pistol
One could point to where he lives
Or his job as a police inspector
But there’s more to it than that
You could say inspector O
Is speaking poetically
That his way is unrealistic
But I’m inclined to disagree
His way is neither realistic
Nor unrealistic
It’s his way
That’s all
But I find it resonates for me
I too find existence uncertain
Uncertainty seems to be everywhere
Certainty feels to be illusion
A pretty illusion
But still an illusion
More useful seems to be
Making mistakes
As we meander down the mountain
And when the mountain disappears
And death greets us
Uncertainty will show the way
To the next mountain
March 2011

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