Over the edge

“Live with Art” – @anjkan
“The chief enemy of creativity
Is good taste”
– Pablo Picasso
Perceptions of reality
Reality of perceptions
How can we take
Surrealism at face value
Given its dreamlike transformation
Juxtaposition is not enough
Photoshoping is not enough
Collaging is not enough
Like poetry
The Surreal is revealing
Of Paradox and the ineffable
Surprising us
startling us
Revealing what we know
And don’t know
Melting our perceptions
Melting our conceptions
Opening the drawers
Of our unconscious
To the symbolic meanings
We prefer to ignore
And Sexuality
What a scary place
To expose with art
Say or show the wrong images
And the negative accusations fly
But an artist must be brave
To show us who we are
To show us what we won’t see
What we can’t see
This is where the artist lives
This is where the artist dies
This is where the artist arrives
After exploring deeper and wider
Where we have not been
And mostly don’t want to go
And if there is no criticism
The artist has failed
For going over edges
This is forbidden
This is Taboo
This is the artist’s work
To show us ourselves
In a new way
That takes us too
Over the edge
Back to a new reality
March 2011
Note this was originally posted
As a comment to a posting

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