“Monkey or Hanuman” – @anjkan

Nomen est Omen
Your name is your Fate

The Oracle at Delphi
Encouraged its visitors
To “Know Thyself”
This knowledge is necessary
For understanding

To stand under
We must look deep 
And deeper
And deeper still
The deepest depths
Can never be fully plumbed
But that is part of the mystery
Of who we really are.

Still, finding out who I am
Who I really am
Deep deep down
At the core of my being
Is perhaps impossible

For the deeper I look
The more I realize
How impossible this task is
Yet it also seems like a Zen koan
Where the answer is not so important

Where the awakening to Self
Our true self of being
Our eternal self 
If you will
Our eternal name
Is the real deal

March 2011

Nama is typically considered 
to refer to the psychological elements 
while Rupa refers to
the physical elements
of the human person

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