“Future Un-poet/poet?” – yamabuki
If we split language into parts
Will we find a Poetry of Un-Poetry
Won’t Un-Poetry
Still be Poetry
Like a reflection of Poetry
Like a shadow of Poetry
Like a dream of Poetry
If I say “I am a poet”
Does that make me a poet
If I am a poet
Does saying “these words are a poem”
Make them a poem
If as a poet I say
“I’m an Un-poet as well”
Is that true too
Un-Poetry and Poetry
Different words
For the same thing
So says the un-poet poet
Feb 2011

Who Owns Poetry?

‘Tree speaking with stone’ – @anjkan
“In human closeness
There is a secret edge
Nor love 
Nor passion
Can pass it above
Let lips with lips
Be joined in silent rage
And hearts
Be burst asunder
With love”
— Anna Akhmatova
Words are for sharing knowing
That knowing
That comes from the Sea
The Sea of Wisdom
The Sea of Knowledge
The Sea of Meaning
The Sea of Life
That Sea 
Which we do not own
Yet belongs to us all
Like the Earth
Like the Moon
Like the Sun
They are part of us
Yet owned by none
This is the enigma of Living
The enigma of Creating
The enigma of Writing
For we are hallow tubes
Through which words and meaning come
We foolishly think we own them
That we can put our name to them
And claim ownership of them
But this is not so
And Art 
Are Magic
And like Magic
They come from
The Fullness of Nothing
That universal Soul of our being
That is who we are
Yet we do not own
Poetry is not ours to own
The words,
The meaning
The feelings
The images
The rhythms
The rhymes
Are here already
Using us to express
The inexpressible
On this journey
Of Life and Death
To put our name to our writing
Is like naming a wave on the ocean
A pretty illusion
But soon lost
In the Aeons of Eternity
Feb 2011