The Freedom and Chaos of Cities

“The Thump Thumpin” – @anjkan
When I was researching the life span of corporations
(Which I found to be on average around 50 years)
I ran across an analysis comparing
Corporations, Governments, and Cities
The first two, Corporations and Governments
Tended toward bureaucratic stagnation as they grew
Cities, on the other hand, were the opposite
As Cities grow larger, they grow more unmanageable
This seems to be a good thing for creativity
Although the chaos of the unmanaged is scary
It also allows a freedom to experiment
That is normally stifled in the more structured
and controlled conditions of rigid organizations.
Since a large amount of creativity comes from young people
It only makes sense that uncontrolled environments
Are ideal for such things as love-ins and raves
Or Poetry slams, or Hip Hop or Swing, or Rock & Rolll
If the establishment media is scandalized and upset
You know that you are probably on to something good
Where creativity and joy can come into being
Yes, there are always dangers
Life is that way
To really grow and be creative
You have to take chances
But the alternative is stagnation
And yes San Francisco still has a hot scene
So I’ve heard from my daughter
Who often feels frustrated that she
Can’t get there more often.
Long live the freedom and chaos of cities!
Jan 2011

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