Not even a poem is up to your purr

Hello Dottie
I’ve never had a Burmese
Just your cousins, 
Those sassy Siamese

You remind me of a Blue Point
Sasha was her name
She was with me in Idaho
The sweetest cat I ever had

Of all the cats I’ve been with
I still miss her the most
Thinking of her gone from my life
Still brings tears to my eyes

— yamabuki

Hello again Dotty
I must apologize to you
I misspelled your name
Bad yamabuki…
But I’m only a foolish guy
So what do you expect
If you like, I’ll write you a poem
To make it up to you.

— yamabuki

Poem for Dotty

She says you are:
And xenophobic
And still she rubs your belly

Who can know a cat’s mind
Who can know a cat’s heart
I was born in a dog year
But even I know this
All cats are inscrutable

Impulsive, surely means creative
Clumsy, well we all have our off days
Forgetful, more like you can’t be bothered
Stubborn, pretty much defines all cats
Xenophobic, maybe, but then again who isn’t

Beautiful eyes, gold & black gems
Silver blue fur, impossibly soft
Your sensitive whiskers so knowing and true
The whole of your being a sensual miracle

Words can not capture your essence
Not even a poem is up to your purr
Your soft calling voice echoes your soul
Gracing our lives with your presence

Thank you Dotty
I hope you like this poem
I bow to you in deep gratitude
Without your presence 
This world would be a poorer place

— yamabuki
Jan 2011

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