Mass-Mind Demons – El Collie

‘Night light blue’ – yamabuki
“It is assumed that
the guilt of the thief
is greed.
No, the real guilt
is the greed
for ordinary things”
– Rumi
We are hemophiliacs,
We love the sight of blood.
Take us down below the ocean,
Let us feel the flood
We want to feel the flood.
Fill our hearts with purple flowers,
Take us on a cruise.
Never move toward us too sharply,
We are quick to bruise,
We are made to bruise.

We will tell you all our secrets,
Mostly we will lie,
We’re weak on promise,
But we promise,
We’re strong on alibi;
We thrive on alibi.
We are masters of confusion,
We dream that we don’t know.
We do very well with chaos.
We’re here to watch the show.
We’re here to steal the show.
We can see what you are thinking,
We’ve crept into your brain.
Nevermind the ship is sinking,
We’ll pretend that it’s rain,
We’ll act as if it’s rain.
We are necrophiliacs,
We love to love the dead.
We are vultures at the banquet,
Eager to be fed;
We don’t care what we’re fed.
Dress us up in leaden swimsuits,
We have come to drown.
You can join us if you want to;
We will take you down,
We’ll gladly take you down.
— El Collie

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