Unseen Connections

‘Plant Mind’ – yamabuki
Dark angel feet
Marking the beat
Shifting our vision
Gaming the street
Blood silver wine
Dripping from vines
Swallowing darkness
Ending all time
Drunkenly sober
watching life’s horror
dead devil’s eyes
Tripping the joker
Steel doors shining
Silently pining
Killing the docile
Stealing death’s timing
Falling white blocks
Eating our clocks
Under the bed ghouls
Shooting red glocks
Jumping off bridges
Staring at ridges
Shooting up darkness
Dancing with witches
Water flows bloody
Hitting us bluntly
Eating the moon
Stars dying roughly
Broken bird hearts
Falling from carts
Sinking in sand
Swallowed by sharks
Prayer wheels spin

In cold desert winds

Angels fly past
Eating our sins
Silver sharp razors
Fast as a taser
Sharper than pain
Stronger than glaciers
Their shadows are cast
Memories flood past
All of us changing
But nothing is asked
Blue bodies shaken
All have awakened
Death has its day
Graves are forsaken
Quantum engagements
Waiting for payment
Stars in a dream
Sleep in our basement
Moons ramble by
Tearing the sky
Eating the day
Making us cry
Someone’s been thinking
Our time it is shrinking
Experience wanes
All of us sinking
Our vision’s receding
Neurons are bleeding
Identity fails
Our souls are still weeping
Worlds lightly lifting 
Spirits slightly shifting
Fear pulls us down
Truth it is twisting
Angels wing past
Questions are asked
Is this the end
Will we be gassed
Dancing thoughts dream
Of memory streams
With all our questions
Will we be seen
The answers have gone
Coming up wrong
Know only this
Our life’s but a song
Dec 2010

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