Dionysus Unbound – by El Collie

‘Dream within a dream’ – yamabuki

I dream of delirium
A place where nothing goes wrong
And nothing goes right
And nothing goes in any direction whatsoever
Except further into ecstasy
Where all  points are equally wild and true
And dancing in dynamic flux
No limits, no walls, no rules
No restrictions, no conventions
No experts, no authorities
No tyrants, no demagogues
No consensus, no vote, no veto
No verification, no deliberation
No analyses, no conclusions
No exceptions, no objections
No boxes with lids to close
Over the dream
No keeping delirium safely locked
Inside silent screams
No hiding heretics’ coffins
beneath the superficial sanity
No surface structures
No prefabricated routine
No unmarked grave
Where magical mayhem
Has to claw its way up
From the curse of
Culturally correct death
No more fear worship
Of the great god Taboo
Straining at his chains
Chafing to break loose
And ravage the cult queen Logic
No more wars between life
And the artificially sustained
Self-declared living.
No teams, no troops,
No split politic
No security squads,
No duly elected cannibal club
No bromide, no pabulum
No hard or soft sell
No commodity
No merchandising
No con jobs,
No coercion
No Constraint
No confinement
No ceiling
No seal of authenticity
No pacts
No promises
No personal payoff
No proof
No purchase
No point
No place but here,
in the Dream of delirium
Wide open and absolutely free

El Collie


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