When the Stars were Right

“Full Moon and Mars” – yamabuki

By the sea,
Where God is everywhere,
I stood looking at the sky…
The clouds
Were the colors
Of a Raphael,
A Wounded Rose
— Patti Smith
I. Water
Rose petals
Floating in a stream
Some will taste ocean waves
Some will rest
On rounded stone
Are we not petals too?
II. Air
Your dreams
Ripple out
Across the world,
Reshaping the universe.
And then Return
As Full moon Dragons
In a tea cup
III. Earth
The center cannot hold
Concepts new and old
Feed the fire of love
Forming alchemical gold
Chaos’ dance
Spirals ever closer
IV. Fire
Butterfly effect –
Small change
In right place 
In right time
Can bring transformation.
Fates willing, of course

V. Emptiness
Difficult as they are to find
Truth and Love 
Need each other
Each requires the other
Both feet are needed
To walk life’s path

VI. Form
Everything we know 
Is wrong in some ways 
Right in others. 
Due to the nature of reality 
Words can never be 
More then fingers 
Pointing at the moon
“When the stars were right,
They could plunge
From world to world
through the sky;
But when the stars were wrong…
They could not live,
But although They no longer lived,
They would never really die.”
H.P. Lovecraft
“The Call of Cthulhu”
Nov 2010

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