Broken Mirror 13

‘Broken Mirror 13’ – yamabuki
Yesterday I awoke from a dream
As I awoke, 
I saw your face
Peering at me
With dark eyes
Half awake as I was
I could not tell
If you were in my dream
Or I instead in yours
I still do not know
What this dream means
Though it seems deep
Like the darkness in your eyes
I consulted the cards
Though I’ve learned
To prefer caution with them
Since they, like dreams go deep
Four of Wands showed the past
Friends, family and happy home
This surely rings true
And seems a good start
Six of Coins speaks of the present
Abundance and satisfaction
Surrounding us here and now
What more could I ask for
Were that all to the reading
I would not be writing this poem
But the Fates are not always kind
They like to stir the cauldron
To bring about change
Ten of Swords slices up the future
Fragmenting reality
Into many pieces
Penetrating our lives
With its sharp blades
What was I to make of that
The future is always in flux
Still why look at the cards
If I do not seek the truth
But still there was more to come
That afternoon I took a nap
For sleep called to me
On that November day
Again I dreamed in my bed
But suddenly awoke to a crash
The sound of a mirror breaking
As it hit the cold stone floor
Though words can’t describe
The sound of the Mirror
Crashing to the floor
And shattering my sleep
There followed a sullen silence
That I could not ignore
From my dream I arose
And saw the broken fragments
Not sure if still I dreamt

this seemed an omen
A doubling if you will
Of the many sharp swords
Resounding in the future

My first thought
Was to clean up the mess
But How often do I find
The broken shards of a mirror

So instead I looked
Into the broken reflections
Breaking light and dark
Into pieces of the world

Then I took picture after picture
For who knows which one is right
I still don’t really know 
what it all means

When each shard
Shows a different view
Can not all of them
Show us different truths
Which truth do you see
Nov 2010 

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