Path of the Poet

‘Reaching for the high notes’ – @anjkan

Star Wars is a Fairy Tale. 
We are not living in a Fairy Tale
— yamabuki

Life is not simple. 
Look at the story of Zhang Jingna 
Is she a failure 
because of her suffering, 
Is she a success 
because of her accomplishments
as a photographer?

I’m not trying to discourage you. 
Trying to live your dream 
is no easy thing, 
To work at becoming a poet 
seems to me admirable 
in the same way that 
Don Quixote is admirable. 

Struggling on against the odds, 
in the face of seeming impossibility, 
because it’s your path, 
is to be applauded. 
To make it as a poet 
is extremely difficult 
and usually requires 
strong academic connections 

Indeed learning the craft, 
making the connections, 
getting published as much as possible 
would seem to be a good  path.

For other poets 
there are other possible paths. 
There are no right or wrong paths. 
There are no guarantees in life. 
We are not living in a movie 
or a fairy tale. 

So in the end it feels to me 
more honest to look at life 
and how we live it 
as controlled folly. 
Do your best 
on the path you choose, 
even as you recognize 
the folly of thinking 
that we are in control of our lives. 

More important I think 
is to find a path with heart.

Nov 2010

‘Path of the Poet’
In different form
Was posted originally
As a comment

Also Controlled Folly
And Path with Heart
Were learned from
Carlos Castaneda’s 
Don Juan books

My thanks to 
Angela Koh
And Carlos Castaneda
And everyone else
Including you
For being part of it all


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