Ship of the Moon

Oh Ship of the Moon
What is your cargo
Why should you carry
White Skulls
and bright Flowers

Mysterious Books
and Bags full of treasure
and Rising to board you
alone on his Elephant
This Fey Maharaj

And what of your sails
Showing your colors
And small half-hidden
Bold Jolly Rogers
Revealing Deaths bones
And close to the back
One sail burning still

Front Sail’s banner
Your allegiance commends
Blue sailed Moon
Pulling windward and full
Most proper you seem
And Formal Be-suited
Costumed correctness
Your Character Shines

Yet what are these shadows
Of Squid tangled arms
And Bold Unicorn 
These strange cold enchantments
Their dragon song’s call
Your beguiling Nagual
Facing the waves
What can they mean

Guided by stars
Your journey is far

And long do I wonder

Where are you headed
Vast oceans your home
You Ship of the Moon

Nov 2010

This poem was inspired
by Sam Flores Art.
It’s Blog posted here 
and in more detail here

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