Dark Art Circling

‘Dark Art Circling’ – yamabuki

Random bits of string and ink
Transformed into weird words
Do they need to make sense
Or can senseless sense
Be an opening to different vistas

As Picasso has said,
“A palm tree
can become a horse…”

Who is this Picasso:
Papa to an art
Icy blue green eyes
Changing in our view
Art drifting through thought
Shade framing the light
Shifting viewpoints tremble
Opening up to visions of life

Pure guesswork I know
Broken words turning corners
But I never knew his essence
Nor understood his soul
My words here lie broken
Like wood chips
Strewn on the ground

In the end I see only darkness
Like a tunnel taking me back
Changing with the winds
Into the Golden white light
That tells me for sure
That my way home 
Is just around the corner

Nov 2010

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