Calculating a Cloud

‘Red Birds’ – yamabuki

Ah to be young again
Full of learned knowledge
Of the world around us
And the world inside as well

Schools teach us facts 
Giving us an education
Pulling us up out of ignorance
Sad foolish ignorance 
As supposedly personified
By an old grandmother

Still wise old woman that she is
She knows better then to object
She knows the real wisdom
That the child does not 
Grandmother has learned 
From the school of life

She knows of life and death
She has lived and suffered
Which has burned into her soul
In a way that rote knowledge
Can never duplicate

Facts and figures may be learned
Planets and Suns memorized
With computers and books
Burned into the mind
By teachers and Homework

But try calculating sadness
Or the shape of death
And all the conceits of the mind
Fall apart with confusion
In the face of wisdom’s heart

Nov 2010

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