Reflected in Your Eyes

Knowing and seeing
The unknowable
The unsee-able
Known and Seen

This is the magic of the spirit
Creativity flowing in and out
Blood working its magic
Creating the flow of life

Lilys floating in the blood
Past Iron stone shores
Past big and small skies
Full of the pollen of our lives

Silver moons in the blood
New and full of life
Sweeping past stars
Glittering red and white like wine

Forests and gardens in the blood
Earth ridden and soil sodden
Changing your light to life
Changing my life to darkness

Boiling waters in the blood
Shimmering bubbles floating by
Too hot to hold on to
Too cold to bear our touch

Fiery dreams in the blood
Swimming quickly past my eyes
Still I recognize your smile
Even as death holds me tight

Nov 2010

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