Ghost Stories

‘Blue Moon’

“To Death”
I’ve killed the lights, 
cleared the way for you, 
so simple, such a marvel.
Take on any shape you wish,
Thrust in like a poisoned knife,
Sneak in like a silent snake,
or a deadly virus from hell.
Or a fairy-tale you’ve invented,
always sickeningly familiar
— Anna Akhmatova

Fairytales are for the daylight
Ghost stories come from the night
‘Once upon a time’ feels good
‘Now you’re dead’ brings up fright

Young Girls and Boys
Fairy tales they do cheer
Loving so the light
Their feelings all so clear

Half grown teens seek blood
Sappy stories dim their soul
Vampires awaken smoldering fire
Breaking boredom’s frozen hold

Shadows creeping through
When homework pulls them down
Screams and blood ring more true
Death’s song always brings them round

So what are we to do
When they’re  stalking us in black
Their dark eyes shaded too
Creeping shadows behind our back

Their plan’s to find their fun
Seeking to escape life’s tedium
Running from work’s shackles
And searching for death’s freedom

This Twilight that they seek
It’s a game that they will play
Bringing back the angry peak
And shoring up the stupid day

Night’s dreams will set them free
From hard work they would flee
Only Zombie Vampire deeds
Will finally bring them blood relief.

Nov 2010

I’ve changed the Akhmatova
Just slightly more modern
It’s a translation after all
And words do change over time

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