Arms Entwined

I. Eros’ Bow

Gold Mandala image
Butterfly Fleur de Lys
A loving couple’s gaze
Reflecting love’s increase

Her hair spoke of Art Deco
His words with Escher shine
Romantic love does echo
Their poetries entwined

II. Arrows flight

Hammers Fly
Out the door
Nails cry
From the gore

Love comes nigh
From the night
Don’t be shy
The moon is bright

Can you feel
The fiery light
Will you steal
My longing sight

III. Speed of love

Love is digital
A zero or a one
All or Nothing
Love goes the distance

You cannot pour a cup of love
You cannot measure a foot of love
Love can not be bought and sold
The heart does not work that way

Love is boundless
That’s how I see it
It’s like electrons
That extend to infinity

Nov 2010

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