Out of the Darkness

Dream within a Dream‘ – Joanna Kan

“Deep into that darkness peering,
long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams
no mortal ever dared to dream before”
— Edgar Allan Poe

Creativity and Copying
Has been an ongoing discussion
Among artists and creative types
Since time immemorial

Copying or Stealing ideas
Seems on the surface
To be rather negative
Since Stealing is wrong

Yet if you look carefully
There is a long tradition
Of using other artist’s ideas
For creative inspiration

The real problem is this
There are no new ideas
It’s all been done before
By all the great artists

I am of two minds about this
And think it’s like the
Which came first,
Chicken or Egg paradox

To my mind it comes down to
Where do the ideas come from
Since I’m working as a poet
I focus on words and ideas

For me language defines the limits
But so does culture and audience
Since these are always changing
Old dreams can become new
Even as they are repeated

The answer that I like to give
For both the Chicken or Egg riddle
And where do our ideas come from
Is that the source of creativity is:
A circle which has no beginning or end

What really counts is this
Can you find an expression
That fits the gestalt of the times
And catchs the wave of the new dream

The irony of it all, is this
Once something catches on
Everyone copies the new dream
And banality sets in

The Flatness of the world
Speeds up this cycle
Even as reborn dreams
Approach from the darkness

Nov 2010

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