When the Stars were Right

“Full Moon and Mars” – yamabuki

By the sea,
Where God is everywhere,
I stood looking at the sky…
The clouds
Were the colors
Of a Raphael,
A Wounded Rose
— Patti Smith
I. Water
Rose petals
Floating in a stream
Some will taste ocean waves
Some will rest
On rounded stone
Are we not petals too?
II. Air
Your dreams
Ripple out
Across the world,
Reshaping the universe.
And then Return
As Full moon Dragons
In a tea cup
III. Earth
The center cannot hold
Concepts new and old
Feed the fire of love
Forming alchemical gold
Chaos’ dance
Spirals ever closer
IV. Fire
Butterfly effect –
Small change
In right place 
In right time
Can bring transformation.
Fates willing, of course

V. Emptiness
Difficult as they are to find
Truth and Love 
Need each other
Each requires the other
Both feet are needed
To walk life’s path

VI. Form
Everything we know 
Is wrong in some ways 
Right in others. 
Due to the nature of reality 
Words can never be 
More then fingers 
Pointing at the moon
“When the stars were right,
They could plunge
From world to world
through the sky;
But when the stars were wrong…
They could not live,
But although They no longer lived,
They would never really die.”
H.P. Lovecraft
“The Call of Cthulhu”
Nov 2010

Between our Souls

“Muah” – @anjkan

If I have an apple
And you have an apple
And I give you my apple
And you give me your apple
They say we will be no richer
But they are wrong
For in giving
We give more than an apple
We give trust and love
We give a bit of our heart
We give a soul connection
That brings us
A little bit closer
To each other
Like a kiss
Between our souls
Nov 2010

Hidden in the Leaves

‘Web of Leaves’ – yamabuki

Who is this grinning fox
Half hidden in the leaves
‘Tween wall and tree
You face us straight on
Watching our eyes
Foxes are rumored to be
Shape shifters
Like the fearful werewolves
Sometimes called ‘Loup Garou’
Or even the poetic “Rougarou”
But foxes look so cute
Or so our children think
Foxes are small,
Like dogs and cats,
They must be harmless

But foxes seem both more and less
Like Ravens, Coyotes, and Rats
They live among us
Sharing space with us
Meeting us from time to time
Don’t get me wrong
I’m happy to see foxes too
They are like fairies and imps
Feral in their wildness
Reminding us of our origins
Once we were feral
Part of us still is
But mostly we have lost it
That wild unthinking growl
That comes straight from the blood
And who’s to pass judgement
When they could well outlive us
Will they remember humans
After we have left the scene
Leaving only the ruins of our cities
Nov 2010

Broken Mirror 13

‘Broken Mirror 13’ – yamabuki
Yesterday I awoke from a dream
As I awoke, 
I saw your face
Peering at me
With dark eyes
Half awake as I was
I could not tell
If you were in my dream
Or I instead in yours
I still do not know
What this dream means
Though it seems deep
Like the darkness in your eyes
I consulted the cards
Though I’ve learned
To prefer caution with them
Since they, like dreams go deep
Four of Wands showed the past
Friends, family and happy home
This surely rings true
And seems a good start
Six of Coins speaks of the present
Abundance and satisfaction
Surrounding us here and now
What more could I ask for
Were that all to the reading
I would not be writing this poem
But the Fates are not always kind
They like to stir the cauldron
To bring about change
Ten of Swords slices up the future
Fragmenting reality
Into many pieces
Penetrating our lives
With its sharp blades
What was I to make of that
The future is always in flux
Still why look at the cards
If I do not seek the truth
But still there was more to come
That afternoon I took a nap
For sleep called to me
On that November day
Again I dreamed in my bed
But suddenly awoke to a crash
The sound of a mirror breaking
As it hit the cold stone floor
Though words can’t describe
The sound of the Mirror
Crashing to the floor
And shattering my sleep
There followed a sullen silence
That I could not ignore
From my dream I arose
And saw the broken fragments
Not sure if still I dreamt

this seemed an omen
A doubling if you will
Of the many sharp swords
Resounding in the future

My first thought
Was to clean up the mess
But How often do I find
The broken shards of a mirror

So instead I looked
Into the broken reflections
Breaking light and dark
Into pieces of the world

Then I took picture after picture
For who knows which one is right
I still don’t really know 
what it all means

When each shard
Shows a different view
Can not all of them
Show us different truths
Which truth do you see
Nov 2010 

A Foreign Country

 “Praefatio Tria Fata 3” – @anjkan

I have died in my dreams
Once three times
In the same dream
I have seen
My mother die
I have seen
My father dead
I have found
My wife dead
Yet your words
Bring me back
To a foreign country
Where a child
I never knew
Died in my arms
Why did this child
Die in my arms
Why not in the arms
Of his parents
Why was his death
Imprinted on me
In a way that
I’ll never forget
Nov 2010

Who are these words

‘Red Shade People’ – yamabuki

If a little dreaming
Is dangerous,
The cure for it
Is not to dream less
But to dream more,
To dream all the time.
– Marcel Proust
Jealous of your warmth,
November skies,
So cold and dark,
Growls thunder
In the distance
Who are these words
What is their name
Would you know them
If you passed them
In the street
They have names
Like Clock and Sun
Moon and Sharp
Culture and Print
Yet we ignore them
When they wink at us
This is the way of the world
We are sure to be this way
Even when we are vacationing
Away from our normal lives
When we just  want to be tourists
Nov 2010

Suffering – by El Collie

‘Pain’ – Collage by El Collie

That’s the word I’m working with
The one that keeps coming back
To greet me like a Zen koan
I’ve carried through endless meditations
A venerable, primordial word
Perhaps the oldest
To find its way to the tongue
Erase suffering from the mind of man
And there would be no history books
No records
Perhaps no memory at all
All things pass,
But suffering passes heavily
And drags deep ditches in its trail
Buddha said that’s the whole of it
Suffering is the show
The charade,
The long and short of it
The entire human thing
Ninety nine billion varieties of pain
Everything hurts
In its own unique way….
I want to turn it around
I want to heal
Myself, you, him, her,
Anyone, everything.
I want to penetrate suffering
With an alchemist’s torch
And transform the anguish
Into ecstasies
I want to perform the heroic
Consummate act
Which beneath the fear
And rage and despair
We all long to do.
I want it to be time
To end the wars of life on life
I want the world to wake up
To itself, happy and whole
I want an end to history
I want life illumined by love
And strong with laughter.
I want to reach into the center of it
To feel into its barren heart
And find what gives it sustenance
I want to know what shapes
This thing that shadows us
I want to know why and how it lives
And if it has any motive
Other than to maim us.
What is it but my test
My tormentor
My teacher
And my time-honored
Truest friend
Who is with me still,
Even when
Everything else has gone….
El Collie