Twined in Love

‘Shadows of light’ – yamabuki
The river bank’s silver willow
touches the bright September stream.
Rising from the past, my shadow
is running in silence to meet me
— Anna Akhmatova

It’s raining here
And the moon is just past full
It feels to me
Like the Moon goddess is crying

I just woke from a dream
I had arrived in Europe
A small town or city
With many artists

I was met by an angel
Who gave me a note
Saying I could stay 6 months
So I kissed the angel

Now I wonder what it means
That I had this dream
Just after seeing you
Have you been with angels

I see you have been to Tibet
I once lived there many lifetimes ago
So many of the spirits live there
High up in the mountains

Did you see them in your dreams
While you visited there
Did you find what you sought
Are you still walking the path

I wonder what my dream means
Do I have six months left
To Find my way home
Should I think about death

I really love your eyes
They remind me of my dreams
Deep complexity wrapped in blue
Light and Dark twined in love

Oct 2010

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