Phoenix – by El Collie

‘Ruins’ – collage by El Collie

Devastation was called down
in a conflagrating blaze
Devastation was called down
and named Despair…

And when the smoke cleared,
When it cleared
And the ruins were revealed,
you alone were clearly standing
Impossibly alive, 
you alone survived the worst

The worst was called down
In the shape of devastation
All hell came down
scourging the landscape
Of everything but you
Who stood alone
Staring out
from the wake
Of extinguished stars
You alone stood
In a barren place
Made more terrible
By your solitary presence

Devastation was called down
Without warning 
Or hope
That anyone would 
Ever again 
Be the same

And all that remained 
Was you
And ready to use your wings

— El Collie 

From “Dionysus Unbound” 
by El Collie

Oct 2010

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