‘Time’  – Maco Nishida
What is happening to me
There is an alien inside me
I was mating across dimensions
Far out in the void of space
Then there was a strange connection
That joined into our streaming
At first it seemed unreal
Like an empty asteroid
Full of metal and carbon bits
Then it seemed to be alive
Alive and dead at the same time
I felt it drift away
Out of my reach and touch
But somehow it was in me too
How very odd this is
But I have to conceive
My inner being joins my outer self
The process proceeds apace
My old self slowly disappearing
My new being coming out
This is the time of non sentience
Where I’m neither alive nor dead
We do not die, since we’re not alive
We go on and on,
but sometimes we have no time
Somehow time has broken into my being
This place of neither here nor there
Soul splitting in a trans dimensional shift
In and Out shift endlessly in gestation
Still this sometimes happens
Other, and beyond other, conjoined
The whole thing is endless
Because of the timeless formless undoing
Somehow this seems to work
Sometimes resistance occurs
Thought and feeling adding in
Aiding the new formation of being,
Yet not being
Plasmoid disjunction
The new seed finally quickens
This feels so right and new
It shifts back to trans dimensional being
Joining the Kindled fires of totality.
Now what to do with the old being
We need to find a way
To add this other self
Finding a path for this shifting being
While the remaining senses look forward
Ah, I sense a carbon water life form
We have a place for them to live
To bring this being back to form
Then we will be whole again
Back in the void of darkness.
Oct 2010

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