Spirit’s Lament

‘Lost in the Shadows’ – @anjkan

Dying is no fun
Though celebrating death
Transforms the suffering
Gives it meaning
Where before
There was only pain
But know this,
It’s only change
Another turn in the spiral
Of Life and Death

You speak of me
As if I were not here anymore
Calling me a bum
Calling me a poet
Or an alcoholic
As Jack Sparrow would say
“Sticks and Stones, love”
But I’m still here with you

Or should I say
We are all here with you
We spirits of the dead
Thou you, in your fear
May call us ghosts
As if we were monsters
That you could exorcise

We called for spirits in life
Never guessing
That, ‘like calls like’
Have you any idea
How many spirits
Surround you now
We are here with you
Even if you don’t see us

Call us dead if you like
Though, you the ‘living’
Seem more like dreams to us
The Chinese know better
They feed us and house us
Send us food and money
And most importantly
They speak to us
Letting us know
That they still care

Oct 2010

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