Moon over Shanghai

‘Blue Green Music’ – @anjkan

I. Shanghai

I see the moon reflected in your eyes
I see lovers basking in your glow
Your image dances in the moonlight
She has watched you, Shanghai, with love
Since the beginning of time

II. Into the Shadows

Darkness returns
Late night remembered
Evening sighs turn
Light is encumbered

Speaking the shadows
Spurning the light
Seething winds tattle
Broken leaves cry

Standing on edge
Waiting for you
Walking on ledges
I haven’t a clue

Have you forgotten
Gone from the dream
Am I besotted
With your eye’s gleam

Illusions appear
With the moon’s rise
Gone are my tears
Gone are my sighs

But in the end
It’s only a dream
Nothing to send
Only moon beams

III. Poetry

Wants to be free, 
like the sky, 
like the sea, 
like love

Wants to be free
to be seen
to be felt
to be lived


Wants to be free!

IV. Inside Out

Living in cities
Living in boxes
Living in mind

The moon is free
Always changing

Words are free
Always changing

Poetry is free
Always changing

We are free
Always changing

V. Blood

Rivers of blood 


Glowing red
Inside the heart

Shivering blue
Inside the mind

A misty rainbow
Inside our breath

Oct 2010

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