Inviolable by El Collie

‘Rainy Night’


I always want it —
The lightning chills,
The same-old-

There are eons of history
Whole epochs of telluric truth
Recorded here
Here in these liquid, 
sanctified bodies
Melded into one

You understand that these are things I cannot say
Like this desire to turn reality back upon itself
To sneak up on the vacuum 
And let the emptiness
Leak out in a soft hissing sigh

This is what I live for
Mutual isolation imploding into paradise
Forgetting what it means to be alone
For that holy instant
When spirits melt through skin

To Speak of love is to diminish it
The overwhelming voice of silence
The universal tongue of touch
Movement immeasurable in time and space

Roots feathers fingers fur
Blurring in sweet mystery
Of contrapuntal rhythm pulsing
In each cell of you to me

Life for life’s sake
Me for your sake
You for mine

‘Inviolable’ by El Collie 1978
From unpublished poems
Titled: “Dionysus Unbound”

Oct 2010

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