Lost in Time

‘Hidden in Shadow and Light’ – @anjkan

I. Across Time 

And so much light
Blazing across the room,
Lighting our eyes
Even as 1969
Repeats itself

And still you speaking
Of radical hallucinations
As if they were 
Pulling you up
From the skies
And a mother lode
Of poetic expression
Howling richness
Riding your eyes
Lost in the mists

And I see poetry
And mad death
Riding the spirits
Rekindling our lives
Blotting out the banality
Of endless lies

II Fateful Sighs

And as you rightly say
Fame and fortune
Are not the friends of poets.
But is this a curse
Or a blessing

I truly do not know,
Though I suspect
It’s a mixture 
Of dark and light
And flowing tears

Based on fate
And courage
We come alive
Following death
And resurrection
In the Bardos

III. Moonlight
And still you say
You are lost in the alone
And this says much
For your strength
And your heart

I wish I could be
So strong,
But I’ve always found
Swimming in weakness 
To be my forté

IV. Dripping Clocks

And this place in which
I forge my foolish life
Is synchronous with 
Foolish eyes watching
Lunatic words coming
And I wish I could 
Speak more clearly,
But I’m lost 
in this tangle of light 
that slips and slides
Between my fingers

Oh how easily I tire
And fall into sleep
Lost in the moon
My empty life
Dripping away
In this rain 


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