Shadows in the Rain

‘Empty plate waits patiently’ – @anjkan

I. Longings

The wind and the rain
   are lovers
As are the earth
   and the trees
The Sea and the shore
   endlessly kiss
Why should we be
   any different

II. Fame

What do the dead
   care for fame.
In the land of the spirits,
   fame means nothing.
All they look for there
   is love

III. Walking by the Lake

I saw three Snowy Egrets
   foraging at the lake’s edge
I saw nine Pelicans
   feasting on fish
I saw the Autumn Moon
   crossing the late afternoon sky
Why did no one else see them?

IV. Change

Spring seems so far away
   even the moon
   seems closer
In my retired life
   poetry seems
   a ripe pear
   waiting for
   my hungry mouth

V. Silence

Silver wings
  in the clouds
Sunlight glistening
 in the morning rain
Hidden laughter
 behind the gate
 my waiting heart

Oct 2010


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