Twined in Love

‘Shadows of light’ – yamabuki
The river bank’s silver willow
touches the bright September stream.
Rising from the past, my shadow
is running in silence to meet me
— Anna Akhmatova

It’s raining here
And the moon is just past full
It feels to me
Like the Moon goddess is crying

I just woke from a dream
I had arrived in Europe
A small town or city
With many artists

I was met by an angel
Who gave me a note
Saying I could stay 6 months
So I kissed the angel

Now I wonder what it means
That I had this dream
Just after seeing you
Have you been with angels

I see you have been to Tibet
I once lived there many lifetimes ago
So many of the spirits live there
High up in the mountains

Did you see them in your dreams
While you visited there
Did you find what you sought
Are you still walking the path

I wonder what my dream means
Do I have six months left
To Find my way home
Should I think about death

I really love your eyes
They remind me of my dreams
Deep complexity wrapped in blue
Light and Dark twined in love

Oct 2010

Phoenix – by El Collie

‘Ruins’ – collage by El Collie

Devastation was called down
in a conflagrating blaze
Devastation was called down
and named Despair…

And when the smoke cleared,
When it cleared
And the ruins were revealed,
you alone were clearly standing
Impossibly alive, 
you alone survived the worst

The worst was called down
In the shape of devastation
All hell came down
scourging the landscape
Of everything but you
Who stood alone
Staring out
from the wake
Of extinguished stars
You alone stood
In a barren place
Made more terrible
By your solitary presence

Devastation was called down
Without warning 
Or hope
That anyone would 
Ever again 
Be the same

And all that remained 
Was you
And ready to use your wings

— El Collie 

From “Dionysus Unbound” 
by El Collie

Oct 2010


‘Time’  – Maco Nishida
What is happening to me
There is an alien inside me
I was mating across dimensions
Far out in the void of space
Then there was a strange connection
That joined into our streaming
At first it seemed unreal
Like an empty asteroid
Full of metal and carbon bits
Then it seemed to be alive
Alive and dead at the same time
I felt it drift away
Out of my reach and touch
But somehow it was in me too
How very odd this is
But I have to conceive
My inner being joins my outer self
The process proceeds apace
My old self slowly disappearing
My new being coming out
This is the time of non sentience
Where I’m neither alive nor dead
We do not die, since we’re not alive
We go on and on,
but sometimes we have no time
Somehow time has broken into my being
This place of neither here nor there
Soul splitting in a trans dimensional shift
In and Out shift endlessly in gestation
Still this sometimes happens
Other, and beyond other, conjoined
The whole thing is endless
Because of the timeless formless undoing
Somehow this seems to work
Sometimes resistance occurs
Thought and feeling adding in
Aiding the new formation of being,
Yet not being
Plasmoid disjunction
The new seed finally quickens
This feels so right and new
It shifts back to trans dimensional being
Joining the Kindled fires of totality.
Now what to do with the old being
We need to find a way
To add this other self
Finding a path for this shifting being
While the remaining senses look forward
Ah, I sense a carbon water life form
We have a place for them to live
To bring this being back to form
Then we will be whole again
Back in the void of darkness.
Oct 2010

Spirit’s Lament

‘Lost in the Shadows’ – @anjkan

Dying is no fun
Though celebrating death
Transforms the suffering
Gives it meaning
Where before
There was only pain
But know this,
It’s only change
Another turn in the spiral
Of Life and Death

You speak of me
As if I were not here anymore
Calling me a bum
Calling me a poet
Or an alcoholic
As Jack Sparrow would say
“Sticks and Stones, love”
But I’m still here with you

Or should I say
We are all here with you
We spirits of the dead
Thou you, in your fear
May call us ghosts
As if we were monsters
That you could exorcise

We called for spirits in life
Never guessing
That, ‘like calls like’
Have you any idea
How many spirits
Surround you now
We are here with you
Even if you don’t see us

Call us dead if you like
Though, you the ‘living’
Seem more like dreams to us
The Chinese know better
They feed us and house us
Send us food and money
And most importantly
They speak to us
Letting us know
That they still care

Oct 2010

Moon over Shanghai

‘Blue Green Music’ – @anjkan

I. Shanghai

I see the moon reflected in your eyes
I see lovers basking in your glow
Your image dances in the moonlight
She has watched you, Shanghai, with love
Since the beginning of time

II. Into the Shadows

Darkness returns
Late night remembered
Evening sighs turn
Light is encumbered

Speaking the shadows
Spurning the light
Seething winds tattle
Broken leaves cry

Standing on edge
Waiting for you
Walking on ledges
I haven’t a clue

Have you forgotten
Gone from the dream
Am I besotted
With your eye’s gleam

Illusions appear
With the moon’s rise
Gone are my tears
Gone are my sighs

But in the end
It’s only a dream
Nothing to send
Only moon beams

III. Poetry

Wants to be free, 
like the sky, 
like the sea, 
like love

Wants to be free
to be seen
to be felt
to be lived


Wants to be free!

IV. Inside Out

Living in cities
Living in boxes
Living in mind

The moon is free
Always changing

Words are free
Always changing

Poetry is free
Always changing

We are free
Always changing

V. Blood

Rivers of blood 


Glowing red
Inside the heart

Shivering blue
Inside the mind

A misty rainbow
Inside our breath

Oct 2010

Inviolable by El Collie

‘Rainy Night’


I always want it —
The lightning chills,
The same-old-

There are eons of history
Whole epochs of telluric truth
Recorded here
Here in these liquid, 
sanctified bodies
Melded into one

You understand that these are things I cannot say
Like this desire to turn reality back upon itself
To sneak up on the vacuum 
And let the emptiness
Leak out in a soft hissing sigh

This is what I live for
Mutual isolation imploding into paradise
Forgetting what it means to be alone
For that holy instant
When spirits melt through skin

To Speak of love is to diminish it
The overwhelming voice of silence
The universal tongue of touch
Movement immeasurable in time and space

Roots feathers fingers fur
Blurring in sweet mystery
Of contrapuntal rhythm pulsing
In each cell of you to me

Life for life’s sake
Me for your sake
You for mine

‘Inviolable’ by El Collie 1978
From unpublished poems
Titled: “Dionysus Unbound”

Oct 2010

Lost in Time

‘Hidden in Shadow and Light’ – @anjkan

I. Across Time 

And so much light
Blazing across the room,
Lighting our eyes
Even as 1969
Repeats itself

And still you speaking
Of radical hallucinations
As if they were 
Pulling you up
From the skies
And a mother lode
Of poetic expression
Howling richness
Riding your eyes
Lost in the mists

And I see poetry
And mad death
Riding the spirits
Rekindling our lives
Blotting out the banality
Of endless lies

II Fateful Sighs

And as you rightly say
Fame and fortune
Are not the friends of poets.
But is this a curse
Or a blessing

I truly do not know,
Though I suspect
It’s a mixture 
Of dark and light
And flowing tears

Based on fate
And courage
We come alive
Following death
And resurrection
In the Bardos

III. Moonlight
And still you say
You are lost in the alone
And this says much
For your strength
And your heart

I wish I could be
So strong,
But I’ve always found
Swimming in weakness 
To be my forté

IV. Dripping Clocks

And this place in which
I forge my foolish life
Is synchronous with 
Foolish eyes watching
Lunatic words coming
And I wish I could 
Speak more clearly,
But I’m lost 
in this tangle of light 
that slips and slides
Between my fingers

Oh how easily I tire
And fall into sleep
Lost in the moon
My empty life
Dripping away
In this rain