Your Dark Eyes

 ‘Soaring light’ – @anjkan

I. Lost in the Sky

Where are we going
On this long lonely road
The dark red earth
Gives us not a clue

Where are we going
Along this mountain road
The sharp stones cutting my feet
Still we keep walking

Where are we going
Crossing these desert dunes
You say not a word
Still I follow you

Where are we going
We’re deep in the earth
I can hardly see you
Still I follow your footsteps

Where are we going
This road in the clouds
We’re passing the moon
Still I follow your reflection

Where are we going
Here among the stars
I see only your shadow
And still I follow you

II. Eternity is

the dreams of lost words
the beginnings of now
the eyes of the storm
the space between sounds
the groaning of light
the smile in your frowns
the shadows of night
the thoughts of the drowned
the long empty miles
the shades of the dead
the turn of the styles
the feeling of dread

III. Dying Visions

Sailing heavy seas
With broken rocks
Though I’m blind
I still watch for you

My boat is sinking
The water’s deep
I’ve lost my way
Still I watch for you

The waves so high
I’ve lost all hope
Soon I’ll drown
But still I watch for you

IV. Your Heart in Mine

Trees are gone
Daylight dim
Your blood is strong
In fighting trim

Jagged light
Shows the way
What a sight
Cats at play

Giger clouds
Hide the moon
Rivers loud
Moan and swoon

Broken thoughts
Leap and prey
Drinking shots
Melt the day

Lost in words
Tilted skies
Northern birds
Broken cries

I am you
And we are they
The flowers knew
That we would stay

V. The dance of death

Do you know who I am
Here behind this skin
Here behind these eyes
Here in my heart

Do you know
Can you tell me
I’m lost without you
A formless ghost

There are no words
To save my life
From this poison
That’s killing me

It’s name is despair
It’s name is hate
It’s name is fear
Only you have the antidote
The antidote of your dark eyes

Sept 2010

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