Uncovering the Past

‘Hand of the sacred’ – @anjkan

I. The past lives on

Climbing trees
Hand in glove
Come and see
The way we love

In the sand
Flying kites
Hard at hand
Feeling light

Do you taste
Their hate and fear
Will you wait
With me here

Sheltered lives
Make us weak
Lonely cries
Afraid to speak

Weak and strong
Hidden lies
Right and wrong
Broken sighs

Lingering looks
Across the room
Empty books
Shake and swoon

Final darkness
Always comes
Gray lit starkness
Silent drums

II. Comfort

Feasting with our lives
Drinking our memories
Lighting our way home
Comforting us in the dark

Alone is more difficult
A single grain of sand
A lonely bird
A solitary fish
Fear arrives early

Clouds and rain
Can return our thoughts
The moon watches closely
As do the stars
They know us always
No matter where we are

III. Fears

This is always difficult
Sometimes worse
Then being lost
Though they are connected

Fear comes in dreams
Fear shakes us awake
What do you do
When Fear shakes you

Does it kill your mind
Bring you to your knees
Don’t let go of my hand
We can still be together

The gift of fear 
Brings us closer
Sharing its darkness
We keep going

IV. Sleep

Do you remember
Sleeping with me
Our bodies touching
Lightly with grace

Our dreams mingled
Your hair on my arm
Sharing the night
Alone together

Do you remember
How I cried out
From my dream
Waking you
With my shaking

Soothing me
You kissed me softly
Stroked me back to sleep
Eased my fears

Do you remember
The alarm waking us
The new day calling
Another day’s work

V. Return

You’ve gone away
Into your life
It’s another  path
That you follow

Crossing the water
Chasing the moon
You never stay long
Such is your way

Clouds cross the sky
Shading the morning sun
Monkeys cross your path
Reminding you of me
And my foolish words

Sept 2010

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