Kali Yuga – by El Collie

‘women’ – El Collie

Beauty and madness,
Madness and beauty:

The whole scene screams 
in self-contradiction
falling apart
at the seamless seams

Roses on the grave
pearls before swine
rhapsodies and rampages
babies born dead
corpses come to life

Excretions from the void
inversions of vitality
beautiful bodies
twisted inside out
glistening in vicious red light

Beauty submerged in madness
maddening ghastly
beauty bursting
through festering
sewer slime

Sensational pleasures
foul heroics
lunatic displays
of grace and gore

Beauty and madness
maddening beauty
insanely horrible
shockingly gorgeous

Madly beautiful
beautifully mad
Phantasmagoric madness
beautiful gestures
of desperate hope 

Dazzling tragedies
exalted destruction
gut-wrenching brilliance
and glorified filth

Mad and beautiful
mutilated and sad
an orgasmic tableau
of raging absurdity

Extravagant sunsets
tortured landscapes
psychotic plunges
into luscious dawn

And through the wracking
rollicking mess
the relentless deranged
and somehow untarnished spectre
of cold, crazy

El Collie

It would seem 
that there is
some interest still
in El’s poetry
So I thought it
to post another
of her poems
and one of her collages 
(since i was married to her 
when she died
i inherited the rights
to her works)


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