Waking Dreams

‘Tucked in Tails’ – @anjkan

I. Dream Light

Finding a way
Out of the deep
Helping us stay
Away from the sheep

Into the Fray
Always so steep
Markings of gray
Never asleep

Fall to the floor
Up to the sky
Nothing in store
When we have died

Light in the hall
Shadows are near
Having a ball
Wish you were here

Writing in light
Life in the dark
Making it bright
Back to the start

II. Lost

Its never easy to know
Where dreams have gone
They’re so easy to lose
Once we look away

You may still remember a glimpse
Of where or what they were
A vapor trail
Quickly dissipating
And then gone 

They may seem lost
Where you can’t find them
But they are not gone
Not by a long shot

Some of us have a kind of vision
A Peripheral dream vision if you will
That grants us brief glimpses
When we’re not looking too hard

III. Soft Purring

Cats seem to do it best
It’s one of their talents

Almost like an engine
Finely tuned to perfection

That alone is enough
To make me love them
But it’s really their sensuality
That pulls me in deepest

They love to kneed their claws
Deep into my skin
Sometimes drawing blood
But it doesn’t matter

Love is often that way
Touching us deeply
Even as it burns us 
With it’s searing fire

IV. Half Closed Eyes

They always see you
There’s no escape
Oh, you can run if you like
They love a good chase

There’s nowhere you can hide
That they haven’t known
They may pretend confusion
But they always know

They’ve played this game
So many times
It’s second nature to them
They can do it in their sleep

V. Waking up

What’s the last thing 
in your mind
When you fall asleep

What’s the first thing
in your mind
When you wake up

Both are important
Deep clues for us
Witches omens
Angels whispers

Sometimes I hear them
When I wake in the night
But even when I write them down
I know I won’t understand them
In the light of day

Sept 2010

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