The Riddle of a Red Life

‘The sound of Red’ – @anjkan

I. Red Feelings

I see you
In the night
Aching blue
Candle light

Lost from view
In plain sight
Nothing new
To recite

Seldom seen
In the stew
Will you bring
Me with you

Right is wrong
Up is down
Just be strong
Wear a frown

Feral cats
Stalk their prey
Cold eyed bats
Deadly Sway

Shadows shimmer
Whispers hide
Secrets glimmer
Waltz and glide

What we need
To learn and know

Malignant seeds
Slowly grow

Fiery red
Caught on mic
In my head
It’s never right

II. Red Water

They tell us 
water is the issue
It’s so polluted 
That we are doomed

Heavy metals 
And hormones
And plastics
God knows what else

I’ve read that 
Whales and dolphins
Sharks and Tuna, 
and the other big fish

All of them doomed 
To extinction
Probably in 
The next few 

They say it’s 
already too late
Nothing that we do 
can save them

That smart people 
will stop eating them
Because these fish 
Are so contaminated

I personally 
take this advice to heart
But have not noticed 
Others doing so

Just another 
Brick in the wall 

III. The Red of Apes and Humans

They also say that 
Apes are doomed
We humans 
Have taken them down

Kind of sad that is
Though we’ve 
Gotten pretty good
At killing off species

Many years ago
I began
To look at 
Human behavior

What we are 
Doing to ourselves
How we are 
Treating the earth

Not a pretty picture
I came to the conclusion
That Humans 
As a species
Are Suicidal 

IV. Painting my Hands Red

A strong part 
Of my being 
The intensity 
Of blood

Like a monster 
That appears
When hungry 
Then goes away
When sated

Still this is also
The part 
Of my being
That insists on
Telling the truth

But who wants 
To proclaim
That we all have 
Blood on our hands

We live on death
The death 
Of so much
That we know

All the plants
And animals


All the earth
All dying
From our lust for life
Life that lives off death

V. Red Spirit

Spiritual teachers
Tell us 
That we are spirit

Some even tell us
That we should not kill

But it’s impossible 
To live without killing
Directly and indirectly

How does this change us
If we are beings of spirit
Beings of love and light

What does it do to our souls
To survive and flourish
By living on death

Sept 2010

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