Alone With Yourself

‘Emptiness is Form, Air is Stone’ – @anjkan

I. Discord

Calendar leaves
Know the score
Hormone trees
Shut the door

Bankrupt lies
Break the bank
Filtered cries
Come up blank

Empty words
Assault our ears
Dark eyed birds
Awaken fears

Shouted anger
Fills the air
Shadows linger
In despair

Crazy music
Fills your mind
Makes you sick
Instead of kind

Voices shrill
Fill your soul
Thoughts that kill
When we’re old

Where is kindness
To ease our eyes
Instead of blindness
That makes us cry

II. Sound and Vision

I work in Television
Behind the scenes
I fix what’s broken
As in most industries
A lot goes on
That is hidden from view

When I tell my wife
That everything on TV is a lie
She refuses to believe me
But I have worked in television
For over thirty years
I’ve seen a lot that happens
In making the show go on

It’s all smoke and mirrors
I have to know this
My job is to fix the smoke
Repair the mirrors
When they are broken
Of course it’s more complex
Many of the tricks change
But it still remains a big lie

Don’t get me wrong
It’s like all entertainment 
We have even helped people
During big disasters
Earthquakes and Fires
We help people understand
Show the world what’s happening
But that’s really the exception

Most of the time we bullshit and lie
Much of it is mostly harmless
Little lies and half truths
That only hurt the soul a little
Like most other businesses
We reflect our culture
But still in moments of honesty
We may admit 
That we are video whores

III. Quiet Darkness.

What do you do when there’s nothing
No television to watch
No movies or cellphones
No computers or books
Nothing to wait for or do
Alone in an empty room
With no entertainment

Will you reach for the bottle
Find some kind of drug
Or will you relax and breath
Let your mind slow down
Thoughts and feelings
Falling away
To nothing

Do you know how
Can you do that now
For a minute or an hour
Just sit or lay there
Watching the minutes
Watching what happens
Not even meditating
Just being there
Alone with yourself

IV. Stillness of Stone

After you have died
What will you do?
Say goodbye 
To those you love
Watch them grieve
But then what?

Some say that there’s nothing
That death is a big Zero
And of course they are right
Except that the big Zero
Is the Zero point of
Back to our soul self

Believe it or not as you will
Call me a liar or fool
I don’t mind
Besides words are illusions
They can’t capture truth
They can only point
Point us in a direction
To a path we must follow

Where then does this path go
That’s part of the mystery
That makes it so exciting
We don’t really know
Each time is different
Because as they say
You can’t step
In the same river twice

Sept 2010

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