Clouds Floating By

‘abstracted purple prayers’ – @anjkan

I. Absurdity

Spinning round 
Through the years
Falling down
Around our ears

Prayer Wheel spins
Spirits writhe
Watching kings
Start to rise

Green eyed shadows
Blue fanged cars
Silver rattles
Seething stars

Dancing Purple
New found flags
Twisting round
Earthen sags

Blue eyes wander
Down the years
Think and ponder
Blink back tears

Losing meaning
Breaking rhyme
All is seeming
Lost in time

Round the poles
Thoughts do fly
Scoring goals
When we try

Modems flicker
Bringing files
Electrons bicker
At the stiles

Have I lost you
with my words
Are they true
My flying birds

Red stones shimmer
In the light
While they glimmer
Black sharks bite

In the end 
Nothings clear
Just press send
And have a Beer

II. Shedding Tears

Once we were there
Living in the game
We thought we knew
What life needed
To be good

We paid the bills
Worked and played
But it was not enough
Being still young
We wanted more

We knew our parents sins
Thought we could do better
Knew we had to try
While we still had the chance
Who can blame us

Years went by fast and slow
Sometimes alone
Making our way in life
’til one day it came clear
That we had lost our way

Who had we to blame
This story is universal
Even those who seem winners
Catching every break in life
Know defeat and approaching death

III. My prayers, Your prayers

What is it we really want
What do we pray for
If you really wish to know
Look deep in your heart
Read your dreams
Find the truth
Of who you are

There is no other way
This is what we are here for
Everything we do is a choice
In tune with our path of life
And in the end thats who we are

IV. Sleep and Death

How do you know which is real
When you are dead asleep
How can you know
Which is real
Until you wake up

But they’re not the same
Death comes for us all
No one is exempt
When our body dies
We must move on

How you live your life
That’s how you will die
The flywheel effect I call it
The spinning of our life
Carrying us forward

V. Poetry

What happened to this poem
Where are all the images
The clouds floating by
Hiding the moon and stars
As we wander in the night

Do you feel cheated
Like this is not what you wanted
Are Sleep and Death
Laced with prayers 
Skewed too far from poetry

When the dark has fallen
And life comes to an end
Do you worry about poetry
Do you look for pretty images
When you slip into the Bardo
As you leave your body

Sept 2010


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