That Place of Knowing

‘extruded dreams’ – yamabuki

I dreamed of you
Not your ordinary dream
Not a dream in a dream
A dream turned inside out
Inverted and misaligned
A wormhole from the soul

You had emerged
Out of hibernation
Back into the light
Out of the hidden places
Where you often live
Connected to us all

Though I felt it in my soul
So as not to jinx it
I doubted this return
Then when I blinked
You reappeared 

I guess it’s like
A phase of the moon
If you do the math
But more fun
If you see it as 
A poetic part of
Indra’s Net
Of itself so

I’ve always found it 
Better to be this way
Patient and forgetful
My head in the clouds
My foolish feet
At the cliffs edge
Lost in a dream
That’s my way

Still, It feels like
You never left
Like we just forgot
Forgot to see you
From that place of knowing

In the afternoon sky
Cloudless and bright
The moon shone dull 
Still I bowed to her
Bowed to her in thanks
Thanks for your safe return

Sept 2010

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