Shivering in the Night

Anj sits with stone spirit -@anjkan

I. Yesterdays

In the days of the flower children
We went south together
Half way to Mexico
You and I

You changed your mind
Returned to San Francisco
Something there called to you
Said it was the Earth spirits

Now my hair has turned white
You wear yours short
We live surrounded by green
In a house with cats

I dream of crossing the mountains
Under bright starry skies
With dark brooding pines
And frost faded grasses

The moon grows larger
As we travel south again
Walking by day
Beach sleeping at night

The stars watch over us
The ocean stills our thoughts
How will this journey end
Only the Fates know

II. Dreams

The spirits know where we live
They talk to us in dreams
Show us what we have

They show us where we are going
Show us their mirrors
Show us who we are

Look carefully at dreams
Read them with your tea
Breath them as you walk

They give you what you need
Especially the sad scary dreams
These are their special gifts

Though difficult to receive
Difficult to understand
Difficult to look at
These dreams are a gift

III. Forest of Souls

Shivering birds wing past
On their way south
The same direction as us
Winging into the darkness

My dreams of you have faded
I can’t remember where you are
Somehow we’ve lost our way
In this forest of souls

Is this to be our fate
Blindly looking for each other
Shivering in the night
Waist deep in despair

Is this a dream too?

Sept 2010


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