Drowning in Moonlight

Stone light and shadow – @anjkan

“Longing to hold you once more
Drowning in moonlight
We know the score
And find only madness”
— Maitreya bodhisattva
(who has not yet been born)

Fairy Fire 
Fills the night
Cold Iron visions
Block the light

Sharp divisions
Show the way
How can I know
If you will stay

Gently Flowing
Fragrant wine
In stone lit shadows
Our whispers shine

In strange eyed conflict
We breath our lust 
In tangled moons
Dark winds gust

Misty shadows
Fallen leaves
A dreaming fool
Caught in the sea

I feel your breath
Long for your touch
Red lips part
All in a rush

Cold its menace
The space it fills
Growing old
Feeling’s chill

No birth to come
No ice seared cries
No smell of blood
To melt the skies

Dancing moons
Cross the years
I still see you
Within my tears

Find the middle
Find the end
Play the fiddle
The music bends

Shivering tendrils 
Words come near
Dark skinned silver
Awakening fear

Your Fairy blood 
Fans the flame
Burning nights
Begin again

Black as gold
White as love
Twisting sadness
Fist in glove

All the trees
And all the winds
Will never bring you
To me again

Sept 2010

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