Your Dark Eyes

 ‘Soaring light’ – @anjkan

I. Lost in the Sky

Where are we going
On this long lonely road
The dark red earth
Gives us not a clue

Where are we going
Along this mountain road
The sharp stones cutting my feet
Still we keep walking

Where are we going
Crossing these desert dunes
You say not a word
Still I follow you

Where are we going
We’re deep in the earth
I can hardly see you
Still I follow your footsteps

Where are we going
This road in the clouds
We’re passing the moon
Still I follow your reflection

Where are we going
Here among the stars
I see only your shadow
And still I follow you

II. Eternity is

the dreams of lost words
the beginnings of now
the eyes of the storm
the space between sounds
the groaning of light
the smile in your frowns
the shadows of night
the thoughts of the drowned
the long empty miles
the shades of the dead
the turn of the styles
the feeling of dread

III. Dying Visions

Sailing heavy seas
With broken rocks
Though I’m blind
I still watch for you

My boat is sinking
The water’s deep
I’ve lost my way
Still I watch for you

The waves so high
I’ve lost all hope
Soon I’ll drown
But still I watch for you

IV. Your Heart in Mine

Trees are gone
Daylight dim
Your blood is strong
In fighting trim

Jagged light
Shows the way
What a sight
Cats at play

Giger clouds
Hide the moon
Rivers loud
Moan and swoon

Broken thoughts
Leap and prey
Drinking shots
Melt the day

Lost in words
Tilted skies
Northern birds
Broken cries

I am you
And we are they
The flowers knew
That we would stay

V. The dance of death

Do you know who I am
Here behind this skin
Here behind these eyes
Here in my heart

Do you know
Can you tell me
I’m lost without you
A formless ghost

There are no words
To save my life
From this poison
That’s killing me

It’s name is despair
It’s name is hate
It’s name is fear
Only you have the antidote
The antidote of your dark eyes

Sept 2010

Uncovering the Past

‘Hand of the sacred’ – @anjkan

I. The past lives on

Climbing trees
Hand in glove
Come and see
The way we love

In the sand
Flying kites
Hard at hand
Feeling light

Do you taste
Their hate and fear
Will you wait
With me here

Sheltered lives
Make us weak
Lonely cries
Afraid to speak

Weak and strong
Hidden lies
Right and wrong
Broken sighs

Lingering looks
Across the room
Empty books
Shake and swoon

Final darkness
Always comes
Gray lit starkness
Silent drums

II. Comfort

Feasting with our lives
Drinking our memories
Lighting our way home
Comforting us in the dark

Alone is more difficult
A single grain of sand
A lonely bird
A solitary fish
Fear arrives early

Clouds and rain
Can return our thoughts
The moon watches closely
As do the stars
They know us always
No matter where we are

III. Fears

This is always difficult
Sometimes worse
Then being lost
Though they are connected

Fear comes in dreams
Fear shakes us awake
What do you do
When Fear shakes you

Does it kill your mind
Bring you to your knees
Don’t let go of my hand
We can still be together

The gift of fear 
Brings us closer
Sharing its darkness
We keep going

IV. Sleep

Do you remember
Sleeping with me
Our bodies touching
Lightly with grace

Our dreams mingled
Your hair on my arm
Sharing the night
Alone together

Do you remember
How I cried out
From my dream
Waking you
With my shaking

Soothing me
You kissed me softly
Stroked me back to sleep
Eased my fears

Do you remember
The alarm waking us
The new day calling
Another day’s work

V. Return

You’ve gone away
Into your life
It’s another  path
That you follow

Crossing the water
Chasing the moon
You never stay long
Such is your way

Clouds cross the sky
Shading the morning sun
Monkeys cross your path
Reminding you of me
And my foolish words

Sept 2010

Kali Yuga – by El Collie

‘women’ – El Collie

Beauty and madness,
Madness and beauty:

The whole scene screams 
in self-contradiction
falling apart
at the seamless seams

Roses on the grave
pearls before swine
rhapsodies and rampages
babies born dead
corpses come to life

Excretions from the void
inversions of vitality
beautiful bodies
twisted inside out
glistening in vicious red light

Beauty submerged in madness
maddening ghastly
beauty bursting
through festering
sewer slime

Sensational pleasures
foul heroics
lunatic displays
of grace and gore

Beauty and madness
maddening beauty
insanely horrible
shockingly gorgeous

Madly beautiful
beautifully mad
Phantasmagoric madness
beautiful gestures
of desperate hope 

Dazzling tragedies
exalted destruction
gut-wrenching brilliance
and glorified filth

Mad and beautiful
mutilated and sad
an orgasmic tableau
of raging absurdity

Extravagant sunsets
tortured landscapes
psychotic plunges
into luscious dawn

And through the wracking
rollicking mess
the relentless deranged
and somehow untarnished spectre
of cold, crazy

El Collie

It would seem 
that there is
some interest still
in El’s poetry
So I thought it
to post another
of her poems
and one of her collages 
(since i was married to her 
when she died
i inherited the rights
to her works)


Waking Dreams

‘Tucked in Tails’ – @anjkan

I. Dream Light

Finding a way
Out of the deep
Helping us stay
Away from the sheep

Into the Fray
Always so steep
Markings of gray
Never asleep

Fall to the floor
Up to the sky
Nothing in store
When we have died

Light in the hall
Shadows are near
Having a ball
Wish you were here

Writing in light
Life in the dark
Making it bright
Back to the start

II. Lost

Its never easy to know
Where dreams have gone
They’re so easy to lose
Once we look away

You may still remember a glimpse
Of where or what they were
A vapor trail
Quickly dissipating
And then gone 

They may seem lost
Where you can’t find them
But they are not gone
Not by a long shot

Some of us have a kind of vision
A Peripheral dream vision if you will
That grants us brief glimpses
When we’re not looking too hard

III. Soft Purring

Cats seem to do it best
It’s one of their talents

Almost like an engine
Finely tuned to perfection

That alone is enough
To make me love them
But it’s really their sensuality
That pulls me in deepest

They love to kneed their claws
Deep into my skin
Sometimes drawing blood
But it doesn’t matter

Love is often that way
Touching us deeply
Even as it burns us 
With it’s searing fire

IV. Half Closed Eyes

They always see you
There’s no escape
Oh, you can run if you like
They love a good chase

There’s nowhere you can hide
That they haven’t known
They may pretend confusion
But they always know

They’ve played this game
So many times
It’s second nature to them
They can do it in their sleep

V. Waking up

What’s the last thing 
in your mind
When you fall asleep

What’s the first thing
in your mind
When you wake up

Both are important
Deep clues for us
Witches omens
Angels whispers

Sometimes I hear them
When I wake in the night
But even when I write them down
I know I won’t understand them
In the light of day

Sept 2010

The Riddle of a Red Life

‘The sound of Red’ – @anjkan

I. Red Feelings

I see you
In the night
Aching blue
Candle light

Lost from view
In plain sight
Nothing new
To recite

Seldom seen
In the stew
Will you bring
Me with you

Right is wrong
Up is down
Just be strong
Wear a frown

Feral cats
Stalk their prey
Cold eyed bats
Deadly Sway

Shadows shimmer
Whispers hide
Secrets glimmer
Waltz and glide

What we need
To learn and know

Malignant seeds
Slowly grow

Fiery red
Caught on mic
In my head
It’s never right

II. Red Water

They tell us 
water is the issue
It’s so polluted 
That we are doomed

Heavy metals 
And hormones
And plastics
God knows what else

I’ve read that 
Whales and dolphins
Sharks and Tuna, 
and the other big fish

All of them doomed 
To extinction
Probably in 
The next few 

They say it’s 
already too late
Nothing that we do 
can save them

That smart people 
will stop eating them
Because these fish 
Are so contaminated

I personally 
take this advice to heart
But have not noticed 
Others doing so

Just another 
Brick in the wall 

III. The Red of Apes and Humans

They also say that 
Apes are doomed
We humans 
Have taken them down

Kind of sad that is
Though we’ve 
Gotten pretty good
At killing off species

Many years ago
I began
To look at 
Human behavior

What we are 
Doing to ourselves
How we are 
Treating the earth

Not a pretty picture
I came to the conclusion
That Humans 
As a species
Are Suicidal 

IV. Painting my Hands Red

A strong part 
Of my being 
The intensity 
Of blood

Like a monster 
That appears
When hungry 
Then goes away
When sated

Still this is also
The part 
Of my being
That insists on
Telling the truth

But who wants 
To proclaim
That we all have 
Blood on our hands

We live on death
The death 
Of so much
That we know

All the plants
And animals


All the earth
All dying
From our lust for life
Life that lives off death

V. Red Spirit

Spiritual teachers
Tell us 
That we are spirit

Some even tell us
That we should not kill

But it’s impossible 
To live without killing
Directly and indirectly

How does this change us
If we are beings of spirit
Beings of love and light

What does it do to our souls
To survive and flourish
By living on death

Sept 2010

Alone With Yourself

‘Emptiness is Form, Air is Stone’ – @anjkan

I. Discord

Calendar leaves
Know the score
Hormone trees
Shut the door

Bankrupt lies
Break the bank
Filtered cries
Come up blank

Empty words
Assault our ears
Dark eyed birds
Awaken fears

Shouted anger
Fills the air
Shadows linger
In despair

Crazy music
Fills your mind
Makes you sick
Instead of kind

Voices shrill
Fill your soul
Thoughts that kill
When we’re old

Where is kindness
To ease our eyes
Instead of blindness
That makes us cry

II. Sound and Vision

I work in Television
Behind the scenes
I fix what’s broken
As in most industries
A lot goes on
That is hidden from view

When I tell my wife
That everything on TV is a lie
She refuses to believe me
But I have worked in television
For over thirty years
I’ve seen a lot that happens
In making the show go on

It’s all smoke and mirrors
I have to know this
My job is to fix the smoke
Repair the mirrors
When they are broken
Of course it’s more complex
Many of the tricks change
But it still remains a big lie

Don’t get me wrong
It’s like all entertainment 
We have even helped people
During big disasters
Earthquakes and Fires
We help people understand
Show the world what’s happening
But that’s really the exception

Most of the time we bullshit and lie
Much of it is mostly harmless
Little lies and half truths
That only hurt the soul a little
Like most other businesses
We reflect our culture
But still in moments of honesty
We may admit 
That we are video whores

III. Quiet Darkness.

What do you do when there’s nothing
No television to watch
No movies or cellphones
No computers or books
Nothing to wait for or do
Alone in an empty room
With no entertainment

Will you reach for the bottle
Find some kind of drug
Or will you relax and breath
Let your mind slow down
Thoughts and feelings
Falling away
To nothing

Do you know how
Can you do that now
For a minute or an hour
Just sit or lay there
Watching the minutes
Watching what happens
Not even meditating
Just being there
Alone with yourself

IV. Stillness of Stone

After you have died
What will you do?
Say goodbye 
To those you love
Watch them grieve
But then what?

Some say that there’s nothing
That death is a big Zero
And of course they are right
Except that the big Zero
Is the Zero point of
Back to our soul self

Believe it or not as you will
Call me a liar or fool
I don’t mind
Besides words are illusions
They can’t capture truth
They can only point
Point us in a direction
To a path we must follow

Where then does this path go
That’s part of the mystery
That makes it so exciting
We don’t really know
Each time is different
Because as they say
You can’t step
In the same river twice

Sept 2010

Light in the Darkness

‘Red spirits rise from stone’ – @anjkan

I’ve been reading a Chinese classic of poetry
300 poems from The Tang dynasty
Leave it to the the Chinese to have dynasties
Leaving me with the taste of imperialism
No wonder they hate imperial rule so much

You could argue that it’s their history
Though China is such a hybrid country
Created as much by being conquered
As by their own wars of conquest
I’m surprised that Korea and Vietnam
Are separate national entities

Even the poetry seems to echo this
Speaking of this emperor
That courtesan and her affairs
As if poetry was a political act
Which I suppose it is in its own way

No shame there of course
What else is a poet going to write about
Being an old man living in California
I write about what’s meaningful to me
Those old Chinese poets did the same
So who am I to complain

Still, it’s an odd thing about poetry
We basically write the same poems
Poems about the moon and clouds
Poems about the rivers and mountains
Poems about our loves and longings
So why if my poems are the same as theirs
Why then do I feel the need to write my poems

Recently I wrote a short poem:
‘Ancient pine shivers, 
With last birds departing, 
Can winter be far?’
It sounds like something I stole
Yet it came into my head 
As a response to another poem

Still it seemed so classic in nature
I worried that when I posted it
Someone would say it’s from another poet
So I looked it up on Google
I could find nothing even close
At least in the English language

It still seems too classic to me
I would be very surprised
If Some Asian poet 
Had not written the same poem
It sounds so Chinese or Japanese
So Asian in its poetic language

Still I wrote it because of the feeling
It came from my soul if you will
Though some would credit the Muses
It all comes down to words put together
Expressing poetic feelings
That express who I am

Sept 2010

I love @anjkan’s photos
They add a visual dimension
That is poetic in its own way
Different than some generic picture
So many photos are banal
Yet @anjkan transcends that
Her vision shows us depth of heart
That I’m happy to add to my poems