High Wire Act

Budapest Memoir  Ingénue 1 – @anjkan

0. The Fool

“Everyone has talent.
What is rare
is courage
to follow
the talent
to the dark place
where it leads.”
Erica Jong

I. Buzzing Brain

I’m full of dreams
Dreams of
love and hate,
Dreams of the past 
Dreams of Nepal and India
Dreams of Tibet and China
All of them Dying 
Here on my window sill.

II. Repeating Themes

I have Found 
Of vintage


Post modern
Dresses that
I had reworked
And sold
To rich women
Who want to
Feel like
It’s 2002
All over

III. Exotic Colors 

Reporting in 
From the end of living
Here on Odin’s tree
And I have found 
This Wednesday’s
Full moon
Even odder
And more magnificent 
In the colors of madness

IV. Web Links

This spider’s web
Is an image
Of Indra’s net
As she spins
The fabric
Of reality,
Which both
And finishes
This fateful journey

V. Beijing Nights

The nicest day
I can ever remember
The burning towers
Soaked in blood
Then buying
My first blindfold
And going nuts
Walking sightless
In the golden
Afternoon light.

VI. Sensual Dreams

If I could have 
But one
It would 
Either be:
A Japanese
Zen Temple
Or a
Suicide machine

VII. Dog Days

I want to
An Essence
Of flaming starshine
Mixed with
The cold darkness
From under the bed
Where the dogs hide

VIII. Spaghetti Spam

I spent
More than
Three hours
A new form of
Self deleting art
I hope
The other three pieces 
Which I have to do
Will take 
Less time

IX. Sky Pilot

I’m thinking about flying 
To Tibet
For two days
To attend
An important meeting
And my own
Sky burial

X. China Blues

The future’s
So dark
I gotta
Wear black
With burial white
Colored hats
And self mocking

XI, Who Is He?

The way he
The silence
Finds me
Where my
Heart lives
In stars

XII. End of the line

enough of play
enough of work
enough of art
enough of sex
enough of food
enough of drink
time for a nap

XIII. High wire act 

“The idea is
to write it
so that people
hear it
And it slides
through the brain
and goes
to the heart.”
-Maya Angelou

Aug 2010

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