Poetic Madness

 Here’s me as Gogo Yubari. – @anjkan

“The soul
is filled
with discord
and dissonance,
and so
its first need
is poetic

~ Marsilio Ficino


   Awesome dinner
at The Boiling Crab

   We ate so much
It made me sad

with you and gang
Just getting started

   We drank too much
And someone farted

    we muttered madly
of pain and strife

when crab eyed poems
Came to life

   Chaos reigned
And then went hazy

  We left the table
And went crazy

   The boiling crab
Came with the food

  and promptly told us
that we should move


  I’ve heard it said
From the start

  That angels grace
is in our hearts

  That if they wanted
To be fair

  we’d have flowers
in our hair

  But instead
When we did part

  We lost our way
fell off the cart 

and all that we
Could do is stare

  and limp along
in sad despair 

  are you sure
That it was true

  ‘Cause we push buttons 
when we’re blue

  and some will know
that Shakespeare’s great

  And then there’s some
That come home late


   I just spent
the last 3 hours
in the dark

   on my street..

electricity was down

  in the black night
I remembered 

   that you desire
to know the art of living,

   my friend
It is contained

in one phrase:

   make use
of suffering.

  [ -Henri
Amiel (1821-1881)]


  I asked him why

(I could not cry) 

  he wouldn’t stop
following me.

(or invite me 
 to have some tea)

  He said
it was because

(in a beery buzz)

  of the things
I said

(hope he doesn’t
 want me dead)

  and the way
I moved

(don’t you know
 I’m in the groove)

 my hands
when I…

(don’t be shy)

  spoke [of]


and twisted

  Oh those words
so sweet

  knocked me
off my feet

I couldn’t
stand it

  I never 
planned it

  it just came out
this way

Aug 2010

sly wink note:
part of Twitter
user agreement
allows other ppl
To use your words
This is necessary
to allow 

Yet when i asked
to use your words
those of you 
that responded
(you know
 who you are)
all agreed
to my pleas

And look how i
have twisted 
your words
and added
my own
in poetic madness


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