A Chance to be Loved

‘Trapeze Barbie’ – @anjkan

Why Does China Throw away it’s Girls?

It’s true you know
Baby girls 
Thrown away
Killed at birth
Dumped in the trash
Just Because
They are girls

And let’s not even speak
Of the suicide rate
Of women in China
Or the kidnapped women
Forced into marriages
Woman as commodity

Or look at online marriage sites
So many Chinese women
Want to marry foreigners
And leave China
For a better life
Where they stand a chance

A chance to be someone
A chance to be equal
A chance to be loved
Who would not want that?

And what of Chinese girls
Baby girls from orphanages 
Abandoned by families
Who wanted a baby boy
Because boys are better

Some of these orphan girls
Like Tai Dong Huai
Find adoptive parents
That give them a new home
In another country

Tai Dong Huai is thirteen
Or so she says
That’s her story
An orphan girl
Now half grown 
In her new home

Look at Tai Dong Huai
She knows the score
She knows the clichés
She knows her mother
Her mother’s not Barbi

Look at Tai Dong Huai
She knows she’s Chinese
That she doesn’t quite fit in
But she also knows
Who her “mom” is

Tai Dong Huai speaks first of
“My mom and me”
Using the possessive
And only later does she mention
The more abstracted
“The adoptive mom”

She may be Tai Dong Huai
But as Reid Mitchell 
Rightly points out
Tai Dong Huai is
A young American woman
Who was born in China

As an American
I am proud to have them
Tai Dong Huai
And all the others
China’s orphan girls
Living here in America

To them I say
This America
Is your home too
We love you
Maybe not always 
In the way you want
But we love you
Welcome Home

Aug 2010

This was written
As a response to
Tai Dong Huai
Her short story
at the AsianCha 
Web site
And to the review 
by Reid Mitchell
Of the short story
by Tai Dong Huai

The Picture
‘Trapeze Barbie’ 
by @anjkan
Seems perfect
For this
Thanks Angela
For your amazing
Angel-icious pics

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